Sunday, 12 December 2010

Message to Alex Stevenson

In response to Alex Stevenson's article " BNP rhetoric 'becoming like Ukip' ", I have sent him the following message:

I was greatly saddened to read in your article about how the BNP are trying to tone down their racism in order to gain more appeal to the British electorate. I have noticed that in Nick Griffin's TV appearances he has tended to focus more and more on the need to preserve "Britishness", and has avoided directly answering questions on race- he has even been heard in the media trying to defend Israel. I am deeply grateful to you for exposing the tactics of this sick man who has even published works denying the historical accuracy of mainstream holocaust study.

It does not surprise me Political Quarterly has found the BNP's language is beginning to sound similar to UKIP's. However, it is key people remember the vast difference between the two parties. UKIP is a fundamentally non-racist, liberal party binded squarely to the Enlightenment principles of equality for all people regardless of race or creed.

People should remember that the BNP does not want to be like UKIP. It is merely copying our political strategy which involves a expounding the need to protect the nation-state, a fundamental democratic principle developed by thinkers including John Stuart Mill. As an active member of the British Jewish community and Director of UKIP Friends of Israel ( . I would just like to thank you for your article and I hope you will find my comments useful.

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  1. Who actually cares if ukip or such and such is or isn't racist?Anybody who takes the concept of racism seriously has the intellect of a retarded goldfish.In point of fact the greatest racists on the planet, if we are trying to take
    it seriously for a moment, are the Jews and Israel.Gri££in is as harmless and as useless as a fart in a swimming pool.The BNP is self-destructing right now.