Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hamas and Fatah Reconcilliation

Concerns must be growing in light of the developing pact between Hamas and Fatah. This will make the prospect of peace, and establishing a sovereign Palestinian land as difficult as ever. Hamas is an extremist organisation, a wing of the Islamic Brotherhood and crucially does not recognise Israel's right to exist. This is a step backwards for the Palestinian authority.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Jewish Council Candidates Defect to UKIP

The UK's biggest Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Chronicle is reporting that 3 Jewish candidates in Bury's local elections to be held on May 5th have defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP

This comes as very welcome news to those of us in UKIP who know about the strong link which is growing between UKIP and the Jewish community of Britain.

Former Bury Conservative Councillor Peter Redstone expressed his grievences over the council's reluctance to fly the Israeli flag on Israel Independence day despite willing to make similar gestures for other religious/cultural communities. This is typical of the double-standard "multi-cultural" society in which we are now living under the Tories where it is now the norm to give Zionists special treatment.

UKIP Friends of Israel hopes that the defecting candidates will get involved with UKIP FOI and help us to stand-strong against ill-treatment of the Zionist community of Britain . UKIP continues to expose anti-Zionism and anti-Semetism in the EU institutions.