Sunday, 14 November 2010

Alice Sommer Herz, World's Oldest Holocaust Survivor

I discovered this week that it will soon be the birthday of the world's oldest holocaust survivor Alice Sommer Herz. Alice currently lives in London where she practices playing the piano everyday, despite coming up to her 107th birthday.

You can send her birthday wishes to .The messages are being compiled together by those around her.

A truly inspirational short video of Alice can be viewed at

It is very significant that Zionists remember the holocaust. This is because many of the enemies of Zionism, like President Ahmadinejad of Iran, argue that the holocaust never happend and that it was made up by the Jews in order to gain sympathy and establish their own country.

Julian, Director of UKIP FOI

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  1. What a truly inspirational lady, I;ll send her birthday greetings.

    The country of Israel was RE-established after the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the same time as Jordan, pre-WWII just as promised would happen so it's a myth that Israel was a product of WWII.