Saturday, 18 December 2010

Israel finds a friend in UKIP – mazel tov!

Shortly before being appointed the new (acting) UKIP FOI Press Officer, Jacob Campbell, expressed his support for the organisation on his personal blog which is reproduced here:

Israel has never been in greater need of friends than at the present time. Now, thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated members, it has found one in UKIP.

A lot has changed in British government since the days of Tony Blair’s noble and unwavering support for the beleaguered Jewish state. Now we have a Prime Minister who, despite being tragically identical to Blair in almost every respect, has decided that this is the one Blairite legacy that must be atoned for.

On a recent visit to Turkey (to support its bid for EU membership, no less), David Cameron tacitly condoned Hamas terrorism by describing the Gaza Strip as “a prison camp” – a claim as absurd as it was sycophantic.

On top of that we have a Foreign Secretary who, although notionally a ‘Conservative Friend of Israel’, refused to sack the British Ambassador to Lebanon for heaping praise on the leader of genocidal terror group Hezbollah. He is also an expounder of the bizarre charge that Israel acted “disproportionately” in its 2006 offensive against the same organisation – as if wars are ever fought and won by proportionality.

Of all the mainstream party leaders, only leader-to-be Nigel Farage has been outspoken in his support for Israel. In an interview last year with the Jewish Chronicle, he said: “There is a fundamental dislike of Israel, but it’s more than that. And we find that objectionable and worrying.”

In the same interview, he even went so far as to call this anti-Zionist fervour “almost a new trendy form of anti-Semitism.” Nigel is, as ever, spot on.

I, for one, would like to express my support for this new movement within the party, and to applaud the hard work of those involved in getting it off the ground. Israel and UKIP are, after all, united in the battle for national self-determination.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Message to Alex Stevenson

In response to Alex Stevenson's article " BNP rhetoric 'becoming like Ukip' ", I have sent him the following message:

I was greatly saddened to read in your article about how the BNP are trying to tone down their racism in order to gain more appeal to the British electorate. I have noticed that in Nick Griffin's TV appearances he has tended to focus more and more on the need to preserve "Britishness", and has avoided directly answering questions on race- he has even been heard in the media trying to defend Israel. I am deeply grateful to you for exposing the tactics of this sick man who has even published works denying the historical accuracy of mainstream holocaust study.

It does not surprise me Political Quarterly has found the BNP's language is beginning to sound similar to UKIP's. However, it is key people remember the vast difference between the two parties. UKIP is a fundamentally non-racist, liberal party binded squarely to the Enlightenment principles of equality for all people regardless of race or creed.

People should remember that the BNP does not want to be like UKIP. It is merely copying our political strategy which involves a expounding the need to protect the nation-state, a fundamental democratic principle developed by thinkers including John Stuart Mill. As an active member of the British Jewish community and Director of UKIP Friends of Israel ( . I would just like to thank you for your article and I hope you will find my comments useful.