Tuesday, 4 October 2011

On the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street Fascism is Thriving in Today's Britain

Today marks 75 years since the infamous battle of Cable Street when thousands of East End residents rallied against fascist leader Oswald Mosley and 5,000 of his uniformed followers. The event was testament to the admirable spirit of East End Londoners.

Sadly, however, our society is still not free from fascism. Many, including former  cabinet minister John Denham,  have drawn comparisons between the 1936 Mosley rally and the English Defence League March earlier this year in a Muslim area barely a stone’s throw from Cable Street.

However, while many members of the English Defence League do come across as little more than fascist thugs with their Hitler salutes and skin heads, there is a more dangerous fascist threat.

Fascism is an apt label for the ideology subscribed to by many thousands of Islamic extremists living in Britain today who hold contempt for liberty and democracy, hate the Jewish people and do not respect the rights of women. That this ideology is alive and well is proved all the time by the organisation Student Rights who point out instances of Islamic extremists being invited onto university campuses. These individuals are commonly addressing lecture theatres in leading academic institutions all over our country, attempting to warp vulnerable young minds.

This fascist threat comes in a different form to that experienced 75 years ago.Where once it was men in black shirts, riding horses, showing a physical presence on the streets of London. Now fascism thrives in an academic environment where not to accept its presence would be “closed minded”.  But as we have tragically found out, British universities are quickly becomming the breeding grounds for potential one day terrorists.
Mirroring modern guerrilla warfare , fascists have taken to covert means to spread and strengthen their ideology, and only organisations like Student Rights are standing up to fight today’s fascist threat.

For more information about Student Rights go to http://www.studentrights.org.uk/

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