Friday, 29 July 2011

UKIP FOI in Independence Magazine!

UKIP FOI had a featured article in July's Independence Magazine! UKIP FOI Press Officer Jacob made an excellent case for why UKIP must stay true to its Middle East Policy and why more UKIPers should get involved with UKIP Friends of Israel.

There might have been a little controversy, to be expected, however, UKIP FOI clearly declares that it is not part of the party, rather merely recognised by the party like many other interest groups. Today's professional political parties contain a wide variety of interest groups with all types of stances!

We believe that the existance UKIP Friends of Israel is an expression of pluralism, a liberal value which the UK Independence Party is firmly based upon. We don't want one European superstate but a variety of independent nation-states existing in their own right!

1 comment:

  1. Its high time Israel got the support it deserves well done FOI for standing clearly out from the crowd and giving your support to the middle east's sole outpost of democracy.