Thursday, 31 March 2011

Labour MP in the House of Commons: “Here we are, the Jews Again”

Labour MP Sir Gerard Kaufman commented “Here we are, the Jews again” when Louise Ellman MP began to speak during a debate on the Police reform and Social Responsibility Bill. Both MPs are Jewish and Mrs Ellman has reported the remark and made a formal complaint to the Labour Party.

The comment came as Mrs Ellman stood up to intervene during a speech by Labour's Ann Clwyd criticising the government for allegedly being persuaded by the Zionist lobby to change the law to make it easier for Israeli politicians to visit the UK. Former Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni was faced with an arrest warrant during a visit to the UK in December 2009. It was withdrawn after she cancelled her visit.

It is well known that many modern day anti-Semites hide behind the cloak of calling themselves anti-Zionist. What is perverse is that now even a Jewish person will use language which conflates the two stances. It would be unthinkable in the past for a Jewish, British MP to use language of such an obvious anti-Semitic nature.

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  1. This is typical of the sheer Anti-Semitism that is rife in the political class in the UK today one wonders why we never hear from these bigots on real human rights abuses being commited worldwide in Darfur or China to name just 2 locations.

    it seems their concerns like the UN/EU and the 'International community (whoever they are) are directed at just one democratic country namely Israel and that their codemnation is of a very selective variety.
    yes they are hiding behind words their moral cowardice is simply sickening.
    It seems money does talk and at present it is talking Arabic.