Thursday, 30 September 2010

UKIP Friends of Israel takes off

The Society of UKIP Friends of Israel (FOI) group held its inaugural meeting at the party’s annual conference in Torquay (2-4 September).

The launch was marked by a UKIP FOI meeting on Friday 3rd September at which a talk was given by the director of public affairs at the Israeli embassy in London, Michael Brodsky. Bringing his chair forward and sitting among the delegates, he spoke of the strong friendship between our two countries and of the democracy which both our countries has had to fight to defend. He welcomed the formation of our new association as it joins the many other Friends of Israel groups which are strong in the UK.
He said he hoped to be able to welcome us when we visit his country which he hoped would be soon.

The talk was well attended by UKIP delegates who gave
Mr Brodsky a warm welcome, and stayed on after the meeting talking and asking him questions.

Throughout the conference there was a UKIP FOI stand outside the main auditorium displaying reading material donated by the Israeli Embassy and charitable organisations such as Christian Friends of Israel. The stand, which attracted a significant level of interest, also gave delegates the opportunity to sign-up to become members of UKIP FOI.

The decision to create the UKIP Friends of Israel group was authorised by the party’s National Executive Committee in 2005. UKIP FOI is committed to promoting contact and understanding between UKIP and Israel, in order to show solidarity, and to ensure that the party has a fully informed foreign policy.

Looking to the future, UKIP FOI intends to host an event in London early next year, and is developing plans for senior members of UKIP’s leadership to visit Israel

For further information contact:

or write to: Elizabeth Burton, The Church House, West Anstey, South Molton, EX36 3PE

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  1. To understand the situation in the Middle East
    vis-a-vis Israel is a good enough reason to have a section such as 'Friends of Israel' as long as this group is not used and abused by
    Zionists.It is going too far to'show solidarity'
    with Israel.