Friday, 17 August 2012

MEK - The Only Hope For Iranian Regime Change

In June, the US Appeals Court in Washington gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton four months to decide whether or not to remove the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK) – Iran’s largest and best organised democratic opposition group – from the government’s list of foreign terrorist organisations. The State Department has said that it intends to comply with the deadline, which falls on October 1.

The MEK, whose annual rally in Paris this year attracted nearly 100,000 supporters, is an anomaly on the State Department’s blacklist. Added in 1997 by the Clinton administration as a goodwill gesture toward the theocratic Iranian regime, the MEK to this day remains on the US terror list despite its explicit renunciation of violence in 2001 and total voluntary disarmament in 2003.

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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

EU 'buries head in sand' over Hezbollah

"Listening to all of you this morning reminds me of the great British comedy classic Carry On Up The Khyber, where the colonial English go on having dinner, ignoring the fact that disaster, impending disaster, is all around them." So began one of United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage's famously irreverent speeches to the European Parliament in March, in which he pilloried the European Union for what seems to be its official policy of sticking its fingers in its ears and screaming the words to Beethoven's Ode to Joy at the top of its lungs whenever something unexpectedly bad happens.

On that occasion, Farage was using the Carry On analogy to ridicule the EU's delusional attitude towards the eurozone debt crisis. But he could just as easily have applied it to Brussels' similar reaction to the July 18 terrorist attack in Bulgaria that left five Israeli tourists and a Muslim bus-driver dead.

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