Saturday, 30 June 2012

'On Fences and Hypocrisy' by Jephtah D. Lorch

 When it comes to double standards, Israel's European critics are not to be outdone.

For example, Javier Solana - formerly Spanish Foreign Minister and later EU foreign policy chief - was a vocal critic of Israel's anti-terror fence, built following the Second Intifada that claimed the lives of over 1,100 Israelis.

At the same time, however, Solana approached the European Union asking for (and receiving) tens of millions of Euros to build (and later strengthen) the Spanish fences that currently demarcate the borders of Ceuta and Melilla - two Spanish enclaves on the northern coast of Morocco.

Both territories - relics of the bygone era of European colonialism - have a total landmass of less than 12 square miles, yet they continue to consume European taxpayers' money for the construction and maintenance of their anti-immigrant fences.

Ask yourself: who poses the greater threat - Palestinian suicide bombers or North African jobseekers?

If the EU sees Israel's security fence as unacceptable, then surely it must see the expenditure of millions of Euros on Spain's own Apartheid Wall as even more unacceptable... Right?

Monday, 14 May 2012


In a fascinating article on the Public Service Europe Website, Jason Edlestein, Communications Director at NGO Monitor exposes how the EU is abusing Israeli democracy for its own ends. He writes that:

"Through non-governmental organisations, the EU immorally manipulates the public debate and policy considerations regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict - claims research group"

Click here to read the full article

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

More on How the EU fuels Neo-Nazism

In our last blog we talked about how the EU is directly funding a neo-Nazi youth movement.

And his latest blog post, UKIP's Michael Heaver (former Chairman of the youth wing) identifies another way in  which the EU has been helping the far right cause. This is of obvious concern to the Jewish community and other ethnic minority groups.

Michael argues that Greece is a prime example of where failing EU policies have led the electorate to turn to extremist political parties in order- ironically-  to salvage their democracy.

Click here for the blog post.

Monday, 7 May 2012

EU Funding Neo-Nazis

In recent months, the EU has not only been found to be funding extremist Islamic organisations but also worrying groups of quite a different kind.

The Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth (ULNY), a Lithuanian neo-Nazi youth group has been adopted onto a council which receives European Union funding.

Not only will the group benefit from EU funding by being part of the Lithuanian Council of Youth Organisations but it will also benefit from respect and credibility of being part of a grouping which is officially recognised and sponsered by the EU.

Click here to read more in the Jewish Chronicle.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Good Luck to UKIP Candidates Today

Friends of Israel in UKIP wishes the very best of luck to all candidates standing in today's local elections.

We anticipate an excellent result for UKIP building on previous progress and continuing the current trend of increasing support for the Party.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Why I'm Not Surprised by Baroness Ashton's Sick Comparison of the Toulouse Murders to "What is Happening in Gaza"

Baroness Ashton’s sick comparison of the racially motivated murders at a Jewish school in Toulouse to “what is happening in Gaza" should not be met with too much surprise. Sadly, her comments are a reflection of the deep-rooted, institutional hatred of Israel that subsists in the EU.

Just yesterday, Press Officer for Friends of Israel in UKIP, Jacob Campbell wrote for The Commentator to expose a new EU Report which belittles the fate of victims of Palestinian atrocities last year, including the Fogel Family.

Perhaps blinded by the need to appeal to the growing Muslim population of Europe, or the chance to get more favourable oil contracts from other Middle Eastern countries, the EU is incapable of playing a fair and neutral role in the Middle East. 

Any political party aiming to seriously represent British values would recognise that Britain does not want to be represented in these matters by the likes of Baroness Ashton. A British PM of real integrity would at the very least stand with Israel and call on Baroness Ashton to resign.
But David Cameron long ago abandoned any real support for the State of Israel and her security interests.  He refers to Gaza as a prison camp and critises Israel for the actions taken by the Israeli Defence Forces during the Flotilla Raid.

By contrast, in light of Baroness Ashton’s remarks, Nigel Farage MEP appears prophetic in having told the Jewish chronicle back in 2009, “There is within the European institutions a very strong anti-Israel bias…I would almost say — and I am bit nervous of saying this — there’s almost a new trendy form of antisemitism creeping in…”

Friends of Israel in UKIP will continue to fight to expose the severe threat to the State of Israel, and consequently Western interests, posed by the European Union.