Monday, 16 July 2012

UKIP ally slams EU funding for neo-Nazis

Morten Messerschmidt – a Danish MEP and one of the 34 members of the UKIP-led Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament – has demanded answers from the European Commission following the revelation that the EU is funding a Lithuanian neo-Nazi youth group, to which Friends of Israel in UKIP drew attention in May. Below is Mr Messerschmidt’s written question, submitted on 6 July:

Recently the neo-Nazi Lithuanian youth group the Union of Lithuanian Nationalist Youth (UNLY), which was behind a neo-Nazi march on 11 March 2012 in Vilnius, was admitted without demur into the umbrella organisation the Lithuanian Council of Youth Organisations (LCYO) which receives support both from the Lithuanian Government and from the EU. The LCYO is the largest youth organisation in Lithuania and comprises 64 groups with over 200 000 members.

Does the Commission agree that ULNY is a neo-Nazi organisation, and that as such it is incompatible with the EU’s founding principles?
Can the Commission state how much the LCYO – including UNLY – receives in aid from the EU?
Does the Commission propose to criticise the admission of UNLY as a member of the LCYO, and state clearly that organisations such as UNLY are incompatible with the EU’s founding principles?
In the light of the above, does the Commission propose to withdraw EU support from the LCYO until UNLY is expelled from the organisation?

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