Wednesday, 28 September 2011

UKIP ally slams Palestinian "propaganda offensive"

During a European Parliament debate on the Middle East, Dutch MEP Bastiaan Belder spoke up for Israel by condemning the Palestinian Authority for its "propaganda offensive" at the United Nations last week. Mr Belder is one of the 27 members of the Europe of Freedom and Democracy group in the European Parliament, of which 9 UKIP MEPs form part. UKIP leader Nigel Farage is also President of the EFD. Below is a rough translation of Mr Belder's speech.

Thank you, madam president.

Following the recent Palestinian propaganda offensive in the General Assembly of the United Nations at the end of last week, we’ve come back to the raw reality of Israeli-Palestinian everyday relations. The reality is a fundamental lack of any credible partner for peace on the Palestinian side for the Jewish state of Israel.

Last Friday in New York, Mahmoud Abbas didn’t speak on behalf of Hamas. Nor did he negotiate on behalf of Hamas when it comes to Palestinian membership. The political effects of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas remain to be seen.

The EU calls for democratisation in the Arab world. What we see happening in the West Bank, however, is just the opposite. What legitimacy does the Palestinian Authority still have after the third postponement in a row of Palestinian presidential elections?

There is a fundamental lack of trust in Mahmoud Abbas as a peace partner. One reason for this is his systematic refusal to publicly welcome the idea of a two-state solution with an Israeli and Jewish state. And I say this to all the governments of the European Union.

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