Saturday, 24 September 2011

RIP Peace Process (1993-2011)


It is a testament to the woeful preponderance of the Palestinian narrative in the Arab-Israeli discourse that even a great conservative institution like the Daily Mail reports that “Israeli ministers are threatening to rip up the Oslo accords” if the Palestinian Authority takes its statehood bid to the United Nations later this week (‘Palestinian anger at U.S. over Israel talks fuels crisis bid for statehood recognition at UN’, 18 September).

The Israeli government has not threatened to rescind the accords; it has merely warned that any unilateral action on the Palestinians’ part will constitute a total renunciation of all prior agreements with Israel. Every treaty signed between the Israelis and Palestinians since 1993 has been predicated upon the explicit understanding that any future settlement between the two parties will be arrived at through bilateral negotiations.

If the Palestinian Authority goes to the UN on Friday, it is they alone who will rip up the Oslo accords – and in doing so they will be setting the peace process back by nearly twenty years.

Press Officer, UKIP Friends of Israel

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