Friday, 1 July 2011

Talking with the Muslim Brotherhood is an Outrage


Your call for the US and Israel to accept “new realities” in Egypt seems disturbingly similar to the realpolitik that is at least partly responsible for the current mess (‘Leading article: New realities rightly acknowledged’, 1 July). First the US propped up the pro-Western dictatorship of Mubarak, so now it must make amends by propping up an anti-Western dictatorship of the Muslim Brotherhood?

The Brotherhood is a coalition of Islamic extremists with no interest in democracy. Indeed, the extent of their involvement in “shaping a new and more democratic constitution” will likely be in making it as undemocratic as possible. Groups like these have no legitimate role to play in any serious democracy, least of all one as volatile as Egypt’s.

There is nothing contradictory about democratic states outlawing groups whose only interest in the political process is in undermining it. Egyptian reformers ought to look to the shining example of Germany, who in her struggle for democratisation in the post-war period banned communist and fascist parties and was all the better for it.

A foreign policy built upon shifting “new realities” is one which neglects the one constant reality: that liberty is universal in its appeal. If we really care about the Egyptian people, we must ostracise their would-be oppressors and offer every assistance to groups whose commitment to democracy is genuine.

Press Officer, UKIP Friends of Israel

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