Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Raed Salah is a Threat to National Security


Much ink has been spilled over the arrest of Raed Salah by British police. But this issue ought to be relatively uncontroversial. Salah is a religious fanatic who accuses Jews of using children’s blood to bake bread, believes homosexuality to be “a crime” and has suggested that 9/11 was perpetrated by Israel.

He has also served five months in prison for assaulting a police officer. No Ghandi he; and certainly not the sort of person the liberal left should be championing.

Admittedly, none of this is grounds for Salah’s arrest and deportation. But the fact that he is a convicted money-launderer for a group classified in the UK as a terrorist organisation, Hamas, surely warrants his swift removal from the country.

Never mind Theresa May’s concerns about “the public good” or community cohesion – Raed Salah is a threat to national security.

Press Officer, UKIP Friends of Israel

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