Sunday, 13 March 2011

Apologists for Murder


Those media outlets who, when the news broke of the slaughter of five Jewish settlers in Samaria, decided instead to report on the Israeli reaction are apologists for murder.

Rather than making the focus of their stories the sheer brutality of the acts visited upon the sleeping Fogel family – among whom were two children and a three month old baby – journalists chose to vilify the Israeli government for vowing to build more settlements. The insinuation was clear: if this hurts the peace process, the fault will be Israel’s.

Nobody thought to mention that those who carried out the massacre were almost certainly incited to do so by the Palestinian Authority, which for years has been fomenting hatred of Jews in its schoolbooks and on its airwaves. Indeed, the Palestinian Prime Minister’s callous response to the murders was to equate them, absurdly, to Israeli counter-terrorist operations. Are these the people with whom Israelis are expected to make peace?

When atrocities such as these occur, Israel can either recoil or stand firm. To freeze construction in Judea and Samaria (again) would be to grant a victory to the terrorists, and to inspire others to kill for political gain. But by reaffirming the right of Jews to settle in their ancient homeland, Israel has boldly defied the men of violence by refusing to be cowed into submission.

Press Officer, UKIP Friends of Israel

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  1. Why on earth would you want to be a friend of Israel?
    The sociopathic racist administration of Israel deliberatly destroys an allready devistated infrastructure. These poor people have lived and cultivated their land for centuries. Their economy has been ravaged by Israel for decades supported by the USA and other misguided countries. They are living on minimum subsistance enforced by illegal collective punishment, terrorised, bulldozed and shot at daily by IDF, barbaric actions against a defenceless population. All this is premeditated and deliberate. When you see achive of WW II and see the terrible way the nazi's treated the eastern european jews substitute Gaza for Warsaw ghetto, Palastinian for jew.